Cenote (Cavern) Dive

Dive Mexico's World-Famous Cenotes

Vida Aquatica cenote dive

Take a glimpse into what the Maya believed were the sacred passageways to the underworld… dive the world famous cenotes. Extensive underwater cave systems penetrate the Yucatan Peninsula and where a cave ceiling has collapsed, a sinkhole is created forming a natural entrance to the caves. In Mexico such a sinkhole is called a cenote from the Mayan word d`znot (sacred well). The cenotes offer a freshwater dive with water so clear that feels like you are floating on air as you glide past stalactites, stalagmites and other spectacular formations that decorate the caverns and cave zones. Divers need Open Water Diver certification to make these advanced dives with a full cave certified guide. All cenote dive tours include transportation, tanks, weights, mask, fins, entrance fees, guided tour, light lunch and drinking water. Group size: minimum 2 divers, maximum 4 divers.

Cost: 130 USD per person for 2 Dives (Supplement for extended range or nonstandard cenotes)

Private tours available by request.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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