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Vida Aquática Dive Center

The Most Trusted Dive Center in Playa del Carmen

Vida Aquática Dive Center keeps its operations small, friendly, and safety-oriented, while exploring some of the world's most beautiful dive sites. Providing a variety of ways to enjoy scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, the dive center offers scuba diving courses, an array of diving tours, and exciting activities like fishing and snorkeling.

Our team of dive staff is experienced, friendly, and among the region's most knowledgeable dive professionals -- in fact, we were among the first to explore and name many of the reefs near our dive center in Playa del Carmen. In addition to our decades of experience, we commit to ensuring the safety of every diver who employs our services. 

Whether you are an experienced diver in search of the Caribbean's most stunning cenotes or a relative newcomer interested in shallow water dives or snorkeling, we can't wait to welcome you to Playa del Carmen.